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Unero 2.0 - Minimal Shopify Sections Theme

Documentation 2.0

Thank you for purchasing!

Unero is the beautiful Shopify theme with Sections Ready. Included many modules with Shopify Sections supported, which allows you to create store without additional costs. Demo content is perfect solution to have store ready in just few clicks. Our best elegant Shopify theme ever!

This theme is designed to use with Shopify only.
This documentation is made with Documenter

Theme File

If you purchased our theme from Themeforest, you can download the theme anytime from Themeforest > Your Account > Downloads.
Navigate through your purchased items and find Unero. Theme File is always in ZIP format. Unzip it and here's the list of what's included:

  1. Skins - Contains Installable Skins in .zip format. If you install the theme using Express Install (will be mentioned below), you don't need these files.
  2. Documentation - Contains theme documentation file.
  3. Licensing - Contains all licensing info files.
  4. Changelog (.txt) - Includes all theme versions changelog info.
  5. Readme (.txt)

Theme Support

Many support queries and technical questions will already be answered in this documentation, so please read this item first. You can also find other tips/tricks in our solutions. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please:

All of your inquires/requests submitted to our Ticket System will be answered carefully. However, based on the volume and the nature of the request itself, the response time can be up to 1-2 business days. At weekends, our supporting is also limited.

Support period

A supported item includes item support for 6 months from the purchase date. During those 6 months, we are expected to be available to provide the item support services. Response times can vary depending on the volume of inquiries, the nature of the request, and whether questions have already been answered or support has already been provided.

You’ll also have the option to purchase extended item support, increasing the item support period up to a maximum of 12 months from the date of purchase.

What's included

What's NOT included


Express Install

We provide Express Installation, which is easier and simpler. Please watch this Video Tutorial

Manual Installation

If you are running into any problem with Express Install, you can still do Manual Installation by following the instructions below:

(!!!)IMPORTANT: To start this installation, you MUST unzip the Theme File beforehand.

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Online Store, and then click Themes
  2. Click Upload A Theme in the top right-hand corner
  3. From the Upload A Theme dialog, click Choose File to select one .zip file in the Packages folder (mentioned above)
  4. Click Upload
  5. To publish the theme on your storefront immediately, click Publish theme

Changing common Texts

This theme supports Theme Internationalization, so you can easily change almost the texts by going to Edit languages in your Themes admin:

Access Theme Settings

In your Themes admin, by clicking Customize, you will jump into the theme settings:

When you are in, you can see 2 main tabs: Sections and General settings:

General Settings

Here you can find all basic settings, such as Color, Fonts, Layout, etc...


This theme supports Shopify Section, which offers an easier way to customize your store's content & layout, especially the home page.

(!) We do not mention much about how to work with Sections because Shopify has a very well documented guide here. Please read it carefully before playing with Sections

When you navigate to a page via the preview panel on the right, if the page is section-supported, there will be sections appearing under this tab. Each section contains settings for a specific widget that appears on the current page. The amount and the type of the sections are various based on the page you are in.

Here's an sample of how the sections setting looks like in Home Page:

Except Home Page, only a few pages are section-supported in this theme. Click here for the full list of pages which can be edited via Sections.

Fixed Sections

Here's the list of fixed sections in this theme, which are visible in any pages of the theme.

You can find settings for Header & Footer here:

Please choose a topic you want:

General Settings

Pages Settings



Customize > GeneralGeneral


Customize > GeneralFavicon

Please upload your favicon here. Please use .PNG image format. It is recommended to upload both: one is 32x32 pixels for normal screens, and one is 152x152 pixels for Retina screens.


Customize > GeneralTyporaphy

This theme allows you to specify 5 types of font: General, Heading, Header Title, Navigation, Special. For each one, you can choose any Google Font you like & customize the style.

Each of them is used in some particular areas:

Below is a sample of font settings of Navigation, one of 5 types:

The settings are very similar in all types. Here's the full list:


Customize > GeneralStyling

In this minimal theme, the color settings is very simple. Just choose a Main Theme Color. The color of each element of the theme will be set automatically based on this color. You can also choose a Background Color here.

Page Loader is an animated indicator that informs the viewer the page content is being loaded. Here you can activate it here. You can also choose the color for it.

Button Color can be set here also.


Customize > GeneralHeader

Header Style & Look

You can customize the general look of header here by choosing a style, make it transparent if you like, make it sticky (fixed) header, or make it full width :

Currently there are 4 header styles in this version, but we are still working to release more and more in next update:

Currencies Switcher

The Currencies Switcher settings can also be found here:

Social media

Customize > GeneralSocial media

Please set your Social URLs here.

Please note that this is NOT the place to choose which social icons to be displayed. For example, the Social Block in Menu Sidebar has its own settings to choose:

Coming Soon Page

Customize > GeneralComing Soon Page

This theme comes with a beautiful Comming Soon template page. This page will be visible to users when you Enable password page in your Admin Panel

In this page, you can set a logo, a background image, put a title + description:

You can also put a countdown here. Please use the format YYYY-MM-DD to set a date:

And you can put social icons here. Just type the social names, separate each one by a comma. For example, if I want to display Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, I will type: facebook,twitter,instagram

Blog Page

Customize > GeneralBlog Page

You can set the blog wiew type here:

There are 3 types in this version:

Collection Page

Customize > GeneralCollection Page

Settings for: Catalog Mode, Ajax Add To Cart

Category Mode

When enabled, all "Add to cart" buttons, cart widget, cart and checkout pages will be hidden. This will allow you to showcase your products as an online catalog without ability to make a purchase

Add to Cart Ajax

Enable this option to use ajax add to cart (the page is not reloading when you click add to cart)

Collection Filters

Customize > GeneralCollection Filters

General Settings

In this theme you can put a custom linklist, sort conditions (1) and tags (3), besides the main filtering (2)

Each of them can be toggled.

Setting up the Filtering

To match a product with a value when users do filtering, just set the value as a tag for the product:

Also please note that the value is case-sensitive. For example 'Above $100', 'above $100', 'ABOVE $100' are various values.

Product General

Customize > GeneralProduct General

Here you can find the settings for product detail page:



Here you can set the colors:

Tag Trigger

What is Tag Trigger?

Product Tabs

Instagram Feed

Related Products

Display products in the same collection with the current product.

Product Reviews

Product Item

Customize > GeneralProduct Item

Here you can find the settings for product items:

The Tag Background 1 and Tag Background 1 are settings for the 2 Tag Triggers (mention in Product General) respectively:

Product Compare

Customize > GeneralProduct Compare

This theme comes with Product Compare feature. Here you can set the max products can be put in the comparison table


Customize > GeneralWishlist

This theme comes with a wishlist app called RT-Wishlist, which is developed by RoarTheme. If your theme license is legal, you have the right to use it for free.

Newsletter popup

Customize > GeneralNewsletter popup

This feature display an email subscription popup when users visit your store in the first time. This features is integrated with MailChimp

To know how to get the Form action, please watch the video Setting Up MailChimp Popup from time 01m:14s

Notification Products

Customize > GeneralNotification products

If you want to display near real time products bought/liked to other customers to help you drive conversion, this feature is what you need.

Please watch Setting Up Notification Products for more explanation

Cookie Popup

Customize > GeneralCookie popup

This feature helps your store to be expected to comply with Cookie Law, which is a piece of privacy legislation that requires websites to get consent from visitors to store or retrieve any information on a device.

Shipping Rates Calculator

Customize > GeneralShipping Rates Calculator

You can add a shipping rates calculator to your cart page that lets customers estimate their shipping costs before they proceed to the checkout page:


Customize > GeneralCheckout

With this theme, you can partly customize the look of Checkout Page, including: Logo, Banner Image, Main Content Background Image, Order Summary Background Image, Fonts, Colors.

Below is an example of Checkout page with customizable elements:

Here are the respective settings:

Product Video

You can link a video to an image of a product like this:

Just by following this in your product admin:

Collection Page (Shop Page)

With this theme, you can set a layout for every single collection.

There are 10 layouts for shop page (click each one to view the demo):

How to set a layout for a specific collection?

In your collection admin, just choose the template (layout) you love:

How to open settings for a shop layout?

In theme live settings panel, just open a collection with the layout you want to make changes, the settings for that layout will appear under Sections tab:

Blog Page

Settings for this page can be found at General settings > Blog Page

Article Page

How to open the settings?

In theme live settings panel, just open an article, the settings will appear under Sections tab:

Portfolio Page

You can show your work impressive and stunning more with portfolio page.

There are 4 layouts for portfolio in this theme:

How to create a portfolio page with the style I love?

In your Pages admin, just create a page and choose the porfolio template (layout) you love:

How to open settings for a portfolio layout?

In theme live settings panel, just go to a page with the layout you want to make changes, the settings for that layout will appear under Sections tab:

About Us Page, Contact Page, FAQs Page

How to create one of these pages?

In your Pages admin, just create a page and choose the template (layout) being correspondent with the page you want:

How to open settings for these pages?

In theme live settings panel, just go to the page, the settings for the layout will appear under Sections tab:


To edit the breadcrumb, in theme settings panel, go to a page having the breadcrumb, you can see the breadcrumb settings appear as a section:

Mega Menu

Mega Menu is structured as a part of Header, so you need to go to Header settings first. You can access it in any pages under Sections tab:

Scroll down to the end, you will see the settings for menu items:

Here's the structure of Mega Menu:

There are 2 types of menu items: dropdown & mega


This theme supports both Color Swatches and Size Swatches, allows you to display color/size variants in Swatches: