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Because of the huge amount of skins in Fastor (95+ skins), we cannot include all of them into the package you got from the purchase. Only the skins of the latest version are included in the package.

Therefore, you can choose either Quick Install or Express Install based on what you need.

Quick Install

If you want to install one of the skins of the latest version, this is your choice.

  1. Unzip the file you get from the purchase, then notice the Uploadable Skins folder. The uploadable skins are located here in zip format


  2. Within your store admin, go to Online Store > Themes then click Upload theme


  3. Choose one of the skin you want in the Uploadable Skins folder to upload.


  4. Wait for a bit for the file to be proceeded.


  5. After that, the installation is completed.

Express Install

Express Install is a Shopify app made by RoarTheme. It helps you install any of skins of a template without uploading. Just choose the skin you want, then you already have the latest version.

  1. Go to, complete your store URL then click Next


    For example, if your store URL is then just enter my-store

  2. Click to accept to install the unlisted app then you should be led to the Dashboard of Express Install


  3. If you are using Express Install for the first time, please click Account, put your Purchase Code of your template, then click Save to validate & activate your license


    The Purchase Code can be found in the Downloads section in your ThemeForest/Envato account: Screenshot

  4. When you are done with the license activation, just go to Import, choose the skin you want in the dropdown, then click Install to start the installation. The template should be installed to your Online Store > Themes by now


    If you want to download the skin to your computer, you can also click Download theme file

  5. Whenever you need, just go to the Express Install > Import and grab the skin you want. That's all.